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Qualification Frameworks – Confused?

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  • Qualification Frameworks – Confused?

At Ember Learning, we are occasionally asked by learners or potential learners, “why does that training provider have a qualification level 3 yet a friend has completed a similar qualification and their certificate indicates level 6”.

Qualifications tend to be described as levels within something called qualification frameworks. These qualification frameworks use differing scales to describe the qualification level achieved, which can be confusing. The following table is provided to describe the corresponding levels between UK national qualification frameworks and the European qualification framework.

As we have learners from throughout the UK and beyond, to allow ease of comparison, Ember Learning provided qualifications are marketed at equivalent RQF level; however, the examination and award may be provided through an equivalent framework.

The various qualification framework organisations have come together to produce an explanation guide which is linked below.

Hopefully, this brief explanation was of help. Should you require any further information on our courses and qualifications, please contact us at ask@embercompliance.co.uk


QAA/ofqual/SQCF/CQFW/CCEA/QQI (2019). Qualifications can cross boundaries – a guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland. Available at: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/QualificationsCanCrossBoundaries.pdf (Accessed: 1 February 2022).